I am the lead trainer at red broom but I hope we will become a home for a number of the talented and inspiring trainers I work with throughout North Carolina.

I learned to be a teacher alongside some of the best at Carolina Friends School in Durham, NC. where I ran the afterschool program for preschoolers over 25 years ago. I learned even more as a teacher of 3-5 yr olds in a NAEYC-Accredited, inclusive program for 13 more years. I directed both of these programs as well and learned more than I ever thought I would want to know about administering these unique businesses. And I found my best partners in the parents of the children!

I learned a lot about research –to-practice from working at the National Center for Early Learning and Development, a Department of Education center housed at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute in Chapel Hill, NC. And I learned about advocacy and organizing from the best at the Center for the Child Care Workforce where I was a staffmember in the training and resource team.

And Smart Start created opportunities to weave it all together to actually do something concrete to improve child care – for children and for their families and teachers. Here are the lessons in collaboration, systems-change, diversity, policy making, research-to-practice.

I love the richness of my work and the potential power of the changes I get to help people make. I get to smile with children and work alongside my (s)heroes every day –what could be better?!


I am honored and delighted to be a part of some of the great work happening in NC to improve the lives of young children.

  • founding member of the leadership circle of the Quality Circle, a  professional association of people working to improve the quality of child care and education.
  • member of Early Childhood Collaboration Council and a member of the TA System and Collaboration committee.

Special Qualifications

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